Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
Writers: Glen A. Larson and Leslie Stevens
Director: Daniel Haller

In 2491, the NASA spacecraft Ranger III returns to Earth orbit 504 years after a space mishap placed astronaut Captain William "Buck" Rogers in unplanned suspended animation. Rescued by the sultry Princess Ardala of the alien diplomatic vessel Draconia, he is sent on his way to Earth — unknowingly carrying a homing device that the treacherous Ardala and her ship's commander, Kane, use to gather intelligence about Earth's defenses and to prepare an invasion. Buck, failing to convince the Earth Defense Directorate, headed by Dr. Elias Huer, that he was unaware of the planted device, is found guilty of treason and sentenced to die. Yet with the intervention of "mechanical brain" Dr. Theopolis of the Earth-governing Computer Council, Buck teams with fighter-squadron leader Colonel Wilma Deering and robot Twiki to prove his innocence and to go on to help protect Earth from Ardala and other would-be alien conquerors.

In a roundabout trip, this two-hour premiere originated as a series pilot released instead to theaters. Successful there in the continuing wake of 1977's Star Wars, it was re-edited for television — losing an appearance by Joseph Wiseman (archvillain Dr. No in the first James Bond movie) as alien King Draco. (Original Airdate: Sept. 20, 1979)

    Pamela Hensley (Princess Ardala)
    Henry Silva (Kane)
    Duke Butler (Tigerman)
    Caroline Smith (Young woman)
    John Dewey-Carter (Supervisor)
    Kevin Coates (Pilot)
    David Cadiente (Comtel officer)
    Gil Serna (Technician)
    Larry Duran (Guard #1)
    Kenny Endoso (Guard #2)
    Eric Lawrence (Officer)
    H.B. Haggerty (Tigerman #2)
    Colleen Kelly (Wrather)
    Steve Jones (Pilot #2)
    David Buchanan (Pilot #3)
    Burt Marshall (Wingman)
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