Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Unchained Woman
Writer: Bill Taylor
Director: Dick Lowry

Buck helps a woman (guest star Jamie Lee Curtis) escape from prison, where she has been sent for a murder her pirate boyfriend committed. The Directorate now wants her to testify against her boyfriend, but first she and Buck must elude the android prison guard tailing them. (Original Airdate: Nov. 1, 1979)

    Jamie Lee Curtis (Jen Burton)
    Michael Delano (Malary Pantera)
    Walter Hunter (Hugo)
    Robert Cornthwaite (Ted Warwick)
    Danny Ades (Gymon)
    Tara Buckman (Majel)
    Bert Rosario (Serio Sanwiler)
    Charles Walker (Lt. Zimmerman)
    Jim B. Smith (Shuttle Captain)
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