Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Happy Birthday Buck
Writer: Martin Pasco
Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

Buck's friends prepare a surprise birthday party for him. To keep him out of the way, they send him to escort Dr. Huer's lovely young assistant to New Detroit. But an assassin is waiting for the woman in order to steal the paperwork she carries and revenge himself against Dr. Huer. (Original Airdate: Jan. 10, 1980)

    Morgan Brittany (Raylyn Derren)
    Peter MacLean (Col. Cornell Traeger)
    Tamara Dobson (Dr. Delora Bayliss)
    Eric Mason (Lt. Garth)
    Bruce Wright (Rorvik)
    Chip Johnson (Carew)
    Abe Alvarez (Security Agent)
    Tom Gagen (Niles)
    Clay Alexander (Marsden)
    Harry Gold (Alien Squadron Leader)
    Gina Gallego (Woman)
    Victoria Woodbeck (Technician)
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