Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Twiki is Missing
Writer: Jaron Summers
Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

Twiki is kidnapped by the ruler of a mining colony, who plans to replace his rebellious workers with copies of the little robot. Meanwhile, a massive asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. Actress Eddie Benton, whose genre roles include the female lead, Clea, in the Marvel Comics telefilm Dr. Strange (1978), changed her name to Anne-Marie Martin. She was married to author Michael Crichton from 1987 until the couple filed for divorce in September 2002. (Original Airdate: Jan. 31, 1980)

    John P. Ryan (Kurt Belzak)
    David Darlow (Pinchas)
    Ken Letner (Oto Anad)
    Eddie Benton a.k.a. Anne-Marie Martin (Stella)
    Bebe Louie (Clare)
    Eugenia Wright (Dawn)
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