Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
Writer: Craig Buck
Director: Larry Stewart

Buck is invited to the 2492 Olympics as a special guest. While there, he meets an athlete from Loziria who wishes to defect. But helping the man could kill him — and anyone nearby. (Original Airdate: Feb. 7, 1980)

    Judith Chapman (Lara Teasian)
    Barney McFadden (Jorex Leet)
    Paul Mantee (Karl)
    Nicolas Coster (Alaric)
    Jerry Quarry (Quarod)
    Bob Seagren (Rand Sorgon)
    Paul Coufos (Zorgan)
    John A. Zee (Satrap)
    Thomas Henderson (Olympian #1)
    Elgin Baylor (Olympian #2)
    Anthony Davis (Olympian #3)
    Carlos Palomino (Olympian #4)
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