Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Space Rockers
Writers: Chris Bunch and Allan Cole
Director: Guy Magar

Buck investigates the rock group Andromeda, whose concerts keep leading to riots. But their manager doesn't appreciate the interference. (Original Airdate: Feb. 21, 1980)

    Jerry Orbach (Lars Mangros)
    Richard Moll (Yarat)
    Judy Landers (Joanna)
    Nancy Frangione (Karana)
    Jesse Goins (Rambeau)
    Leonard Lightfoot (Cirus)
    Paul LeClair (Tarkas)
    Jeff Harlan (Mark)
    Cynthia Leake (Elaine)
    Mitch Reta (Technician)
    Joseph Taggart (Security Man)
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