Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Mark of the Saurian
Writer: Francis Moss
Director: Barry Crane

A group of aliens known as Saurians has arrived on the Searcher. They appear human, but Buck claims they are actually monsters intent on taking over the ship. His friends, however, think his recent flu has made him delusional. (Original Airdate: Feb. 05, 1981)

    Linden Chiles (Ambassador Cabot)
    Vernon Weddle (Dr. Moray)
    Kim Hamilton (Nurse Paulton)
    Paul Carr (Lt. Devlin)
    Stacy Keach Sr. (Senior Officer)
    Barry Cahill (Major Elif)
    Alex Hyde-White (Technician)
    Allan Hunt (Willie)
    Frank Parker (Captain)
    Andrea Pike (Crew Member)
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