Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Testimony of a Traitor
Writer: Stephen McPherson
Director: Bernard McEveety

A videotape from the 20th century is found, and suggests that Buck may be partially responsible for the holocaust that ravaged Earth. He is placed on trial for war crimes, and is put under the mind probe so that his memories can be searched for evidence. (Original Airdate: April 9, 1981)

    Ramon Bieri (Commissioner Bergstrom)
    William Sylvester (Lt. General Preston Myers)
    David Hooks (Gen. Arnheim)
    Walter Brooks (President of the United States)
    John Milford (Official)
    John O'Connell (Major Jim Peterson)
    Thomas Bellin (Crawford)
    Buck Young (Brigadier General Biles)
    Carl Reindel (Air Force Sergeant)
    Eric Lawrence (Young Marine)
    Jim Emery (Marine Pilot)
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