Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  The Dorian Secret
Writer: Stephen McPherson
Director: Jack Arnold

Buck rescues a young Dorian woman from attack, only to find the girl is wanted for the murder of the Dorian warlord's son. To avoid attack from the Dorian warship, both Buck and the girl are handed over to the Dorian commander. (Original Airdate: April 16, 1981)

    Devon Ericson (Asteria)
    Denny Miller (Saurus)
    William Kirby Cullen (Dimitir)
    Walker Edmiston (Koldar)
    Michele Marsh (Cleis)
    Dennis Haysbert (Ensign)
    Stuart Nisbet (Rand)
    Eldon Quick (Chronos)
    Brady Rubin (Syla)
    Jackie Russell (Kelly)
    Lachelle Chamberlain (Darel)
    Keith Atkinson (Joham)
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