Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Planet of the Slave Girls
Writers: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon and Cory Applebaum
Director: Michael Caffey

While searching for the source of poisoned food discs, Buck tracks a slaver named Kaleel. Kaleel has been selling slaves to the governor of Vistula, and is building his own fleet of ships to attack Earth while its pilots are incapacitated. (Original Airdate: Sept. 27, 1979)

    Jack Palance (Kaleel)
    Roddy McDowall (Governor Siroyan)
    David Groh (Major Duke Danton)
    Buster Crabbe (Brigadier Gordon)
    Robert Dowdell (Galen)
    Macdonald Carey (Dr. Mallory)
    Karen Carlson (Stella Warden)
    Sheila DeWindt (Major Fields)
    Brianne Leary (Ryma)
    Diane Markoff (Pilot)
    Don Marshall (Julio)
    Michael Masters (Worker)
    Don Maxwell (Guard)
    June Whitley Taylor (Woman)
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