Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Vegas in Space
Writer: Anne Collins
Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

Buck and Directorate agent Marla Landers (Juanin Clay, the actress set to play Wilma before Erin Gray took the role) go to the gambling outpost of Sineloa to rescue a young woman kidnapped by the city's ruler. (Original Airdate: Oct. 4, 1979)

    Juanin Clay (Major Marla Landers)
    Ana Alicia (Falina Redding)
    Pamela Susan Shoop (Tangie)
    Richard Lynch (Malton Velosi)
    Caesar Romero (Amos Armat)
    Joseph Wiseman (Carl Morphus)
    Alice Frost (Rita)
    Ted Chapman (Man)
    James Luisi (Hood)
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