Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  The Plot to Kill a City
Writer: Alan Brennert
Director: Dick Lowry

The Legion of Death plots to destroy New Chicago after a Directorate agent kills one of their members. Buck goes undercover to stop the interstellar assassins from destroying his new home. (Original Airdates: Oct. 11, 1979 and Oct. 18, 1979)

    Frank Gorshin (Kellogg)
    Markie Post (Joella Cameron)
    James Sloyan (Barney Smith)
    Victor Argo (Raphael Argus)
    Anthony James (Varek)
    Robert Tessier (Marcos)
    John Quade (Quince)
    Whitney Rydbeck (Hartsteen)
    Nancy DeCarl (Sherese)
    Sena Ayn Black (Woman)
    John Furlong (1st cop)
    Seamon Glass (Pirate)
    Richard Reed (1st rowdy)
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