Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Time of the Hawk
Writer: Norman Hudis
Director: Vincent McEveety

Buck, Wilma and Twiki are assigned to the Searcher, a long-range space probe searching for humans who fled Earth before the nuclear holocaust. The first ship they encounter was apparently attacked and destroyed by a bird-like man named Hawk, who has vowed to destroy any humans he finds. (Original Airdate: Jan. 15, 1981)

    Barbara Luna (Koori)
    Lance LeGault (Flagg)
    David Opatoshu (The Llamajuna)
    Sid Haig (Pratt)
    Kenneth O'Brien (Captain)
    Dennis Haysbert (Communication-Probe Officer)
    Lavelle Roby (Thromis)
    Michael Fox (High Judge)
    Andre Harvey (Thordis)
    J. Christopher O'Connor (Young Lieutenant)
    Tim O'Keefe (Bailiff)
    Ken Chandler (Court Clerk)
    Susan McIver (Simmons)
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