Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  The Golden Man
Writers: Calvin Clement Sr. and Stephen McPherson
Director: Vincent McEveety

The Searcher rescues a gold-skinned boy from an asteroid field, but the ship is damaged in the process. The boy, who demonstrates mental powers, says his adult friend is imprisoned on a nearby planet and could help them repair the ship. (Original Airdate: Feb. 19, 1981)

    David Hollander (Velis)
    Anthony James (Graf)
    Bruce M. Fischer (Loran)
    Russell Wiggins (Relcos)
    Paul Carr (Lieutenant Devlin)
    Diana Chesney (Hag)
    Richard Wright (Onlooker #1)
    Arthur Eisner (Onlooker #2)
    Roger Rose (Marcos)
    Michael Masters (Jailer)
    Bob Elyea (Alphie)
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