Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
  Return of the Fighting 69th
Writer: David Bennett Carren
Director: Philip Leacock

Gunrunners Roxanne Trent and Commander Corliss plot revenge against Wilma and Earth for causing them both to be disfigured. The only people who can help save Earth are the retired Fighting 69th Squadron, but Wilma is worried they may be too old to be effective. (Original Airdate: Oct. 25, 1979)

    Elizabeth Allen (Roxanne Trent)
    Robert Quarry (Commander Corliss)
    Peter Graves (Noah Cooper)
    Woody Strode ("Big Red" McMurphy)
    Eddie Firestone (M.K. Schultz)
    K.T. Stevens (Harriet Twain)
    Dan Sturkie (Eli Twain)
    Katherine Wiberg (Alicia)
    Duncan McKenzie (Westlake)
    Robert Hardy (Clayton)
    Clifford Turknett (War Technician)
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